Thursday, July 26, 2012

The End Of April 2011!

In 2011 I was proud to announce that I would be graduating from 8Th grade that June. The dance was coming up and graduation was making me very excited! Everything I did was rushed homework,chores, anything you think of, so that I felt that June was coming quicker and quicker everyday! But April 21st my days grew slower! I am one to rush things in the mornings so that things will get done, but that day rushing was everything BUT helpful.
 While I start to iron my clothes (on my bed) to go to school, I sit the iron on my desk and put my pants in between my legs. When I put my left leg on the ground it ends up bumping into the iron cord, which led to the HOT iron landing in the middle of my right thigh! Instead of getting the iron off immediately I stare at it-in shock, while trying to figure out why the iron was on my leg, and how it got there. Of course during these seconds of thinking the iron's heat was scorching my flesh. So when I finally do get the iron off, the shape of the iron is printed on my leg. All the while my sister is staring at me, she asks if I was fine while probably  trying to figure out why wasn't I crying. Skipping like 30 minutes into my already exciting morning, my dad sends me to school anyway with a cane, and a cookie sheet covering the burn.
 When I get to school the Principal sends me right to the nurse who calls my dad and demands that he take me to the Doctor. During the call I'm appreciating the attention by all my teachers and classmates :)! Within a hour or two my dad finally comes to pick me up. About 20minutes later my doctor is giving me a gauze and tape to cover the burn up. This was the end of my traveling date that would continue the next day. April 22nd I'm sent back to my Doctor who stupidly RIPPED the gauze off the burn, which leaves my rolling around in a wheel chair the remainder of the day! This "Doctor" of mine sends me to the Children's ER who stated that I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. At the end of my ER check up I am prescribed antibiotics and given an extra fancy gauze, then sent home.
 Almost a year and a half later my favorite scar remains to catch people's eyes and will have me telling this story over and over again. So for now its just a messed up tattoo!! ;)

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