Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear God,

Yesterday, August 17,2012, I came home (from Teen Haven) to the open arms of a father happy to reunite with his child. I talked about my week and shared pictures that my new friends and I took. My excited smile must have lifted his spirit for a second. Then as the seconds passed my smile continued to faint away. Trying to stay away from being stressed out I look back on my week and turn the Phillies Game on but unfortunately they were losing, which just made me feel worse. In the middle of all this, I tried to tell my dad what was going on in my head. Scared to hurt his feeling, I fail at this process. Trying to tell an occasional single parent that I would LOVE to move in with my aunt for the school year is something someone like me would never say, unless they snapped. And I am very close to that point! Awhile ago I noticed that I had a HUGE number of, tiny but long, scratches and cuts all over my back To me these scars resembled the cuts and scraps on my heart. Which is, because of you, slowly but surely trying to heal. So I Thank You!
                                                                                    Sincerely Your Child,

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